Thursday, January 29, 2009

Workout with Wii

Now that I've been feeling well again, I've been getting into My Fitness Coach (MFC for short). It's the best program I've tried so far for overall workouts. The problem with Wii Fit is that I  have to choose which exercises to do, and it doesn't include warm-up or cool down. And if I forget to stretch, it generally cripples me the next day. A change with My Fitness Coach from Yourself! Fitness, is the ability to log and get credit from other workouts, whether cardio, swimming, walking, etc. Wii Fit has something similar, but without the ability to choose which day to credit for. With MFC, I can choose the activity, length of time, and which day of the week I did it. I don't have to worry about turning on the game every day just to record it.


Wii Fit is still great for working on my balance. Nothing matches it there. But I'm keeping my workouts with it to the balance section. The strength, yoga, and aerobics work better (for me) through MFC.


So, the new workout schedule I'm going to do my best to stick to:


Monday - 30 minutes with My Fitness Coach

Tuesday - 15 minutes Wii Fit for balance

Wednesday - 30 minutes with My Fitness Coach

Thursday - 15 minutes Wii Fit for balance

Friday - min. 15 minutes Wii Sports

Saturday - 30 minutes with My Fitness Coach

Sunday - rest (though on warm days I'd like to reinstate our leisurely family walk)

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  1. My favorite wii workout is by far the boxing... that little smart alec dide TOTALLY kicks my butt every time!