Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Tally, on a subdued note

Last Thursday, my grandma finally passed away. I'm glad she was with us for the holidays. Now she is with her daughter. The funeral was yesterday. The services were beautiful. I loved hearing new stories about her. Two of my sisters and I (accompanied on the piano by a third), sang "Into the West."



B was good, stayed dry all day despite being in a diaper. He used the toilet at the appropriate breaks rather than interrupting anything. I'm so very proud of him.


EotF Status

one chapter still out on submission

will work more on query letter and synopsis, start sending some out next month.


T.C. Status

word count: 4,455


MiB Status

word count: 857


Nothing new written on either story, but outlined the next five chapters for TC, and solidified the antagonist and some other world details for MiB. Alternate title for "Magic is Believing" - "Fly With Me," after a poem of mine. Still have a long time to choose, though. Don't even have the first chapter done yet. Ooh, how would "Fly with me" work as a salutation for Alexa? Too weird?


Goals progress moved to sidebar. ---->

GoodReads widget with the books I read this year also added.


  1. so sorry for your loss. sending you a hug! It sounds as though your tribute to her was beautiful.

    I like 'Fly With Me' as a title more than 'Magic is Believing'

  2. Hugs and condolences on your loss. Even when family is old or sick, it's still so hard to let them go.

    I see you have a chapter out on submission, with an agent? Did I miss an announcement?

  3. Lynn - Thank you for the condolences and the virtual hug. I'm leaning toward using 'Fly With Me', so every vote helps. :-)

    Liana - The chapter out is through Firebrand Literary Agency's Query Holiday. Through Jan. 15 they are accepting first chapters instead of queries. I believe I mentioned it last month.

  4. I'm sorry for your loss, and the song is beautiful.
    Goodreads widget...I need to get that.

  5. You sang beautifully! Thank you. Love, Jo