Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Own Worst Enemy (Me!)

Liana has issued a challenge, a Workout!

List five habits, traits, or vices that are keeping you from being the best. Pick one and set the goal working on eradicating that habit from your routine.


Here are mine:


1. Over thinking my first draft.

2. Stopping every few paragraphs to browse the web.

3. Letting my confidence rely too much on outside opinion.

4. Letting doubts crowd out my enjoyment of the writing process.

5. Being intimidated by the synopsis.


My Goal(s):

Looking at that list, 1-3 tie directly to 4. So that's what I'll focus on.

  • I've written a poem about Ubduk, the anti-muse and his mewling doubts that crave attention. I will write a poem reclaiming my power from him.
  • I will listen to music while I write, to help inspire me and keep spirits positive.
  • I will set a timer for 30 minutes for five days a week, and focus on writing and not opening the browser during that time.
  • If I find my thoughts straying, I will type in a separate document any distractions or doubts to get them out before they settle. Then I will close this document without saving, and return to my story.
  • If I itch to browse, or suddenly find a "reason" to research, I will make notes to look it up later, and keep writing.


Summary: Poem, Music, Timer, Delete Doubts, Notes. We'll see how a week of this goes.


  1. Smart girl! 30 minutes is very reasonable. One of my worst habits is stopping to check the internet for anything. I know I need to write... but I get momentarily distracted and go to the internet, not back to writing.

    Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hello there! I found this blog after seeing it on Jenn Johansson's list of favorites. I can see why she loves it! I'm so inspired by your organizational skills (Tuesday Tallys, for example); they put mine to shame!

    I also checked our your website for Emergence of the Fey. It's wonderful! I loved the excerpt. You have a lot of talent. If you ever need a beta reader, let me know. Good luck with the writing goals!

  3. the document in which to write doubts and then delete them is great, I use that myself. It's also great for when I'm trying to work out plot or character stuff--I can basically have a conversation with myself like: but would my MC want to do this or is that out of character, i feel like instead she would do this...

    etc. And then once the problems is solved, the document's no longer necessary and doesn't need to be saved :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, L.C. So glad you like the blog and website. :-)

  5. You always have such good ideas!

  6. Cool! I love that idea! I need to do do that workout! I'm happy L.C. stopped by for a visit... you are both great. Yay for meeting new people!