Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Tally

EotF Status

one chapter still out on submission (Firebrand Literary's Query Holiday)

Query revised and ready to send out this week. Changed opening to new scene, reordered first couple chapters. Much improved (I hope). Will enter new opening in SA contest next week.


T.C. Status

word count: 4,654


FwM Status

word count: 1412


Previous Goals:

  • write another color poem
  • catch up on critiques I owe - mostly caught up
  • at least one revision to query letter
  • submit more poems


Goals for this week:

  • personalize query and send it out!
  • another color poem
  • finish catching up on crits
  • write synopsis for EotF


Joined a new crit group. Looks very organized. Got feedback on my query, seems ready to go. *crosses fingers*


Got a meeting Thursday with B's teacher, speech therapist, and other involved personnel to discuss recent evaluations and upcoming kindergarten.

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  1. Busy busy busy! Good luck with everything you have going on this week!