Thursday, February 12, 2009


5,000 Questions... My answers so far...

556. What do you need advice about? writing a synopsis. I'm pulling my hair out on this one. (And obviously procrastinating.)

557. Have you been half-asleep and have you heard voices? yes. it's very odd being awake enough to hear people talking, yet asleep enough that you can't move even a finger. I wonder if that is what being in a coma is like?

558. Do you have a good luck charm? My graduation necklace, a silver '01'. I used to wear a necklace more often. I had forgotten how many I own. They give me a focus for my fiddling. Which reminds me of the downside. My son also likes to fiddle with them... which is why I stopped wearing them regularly.

559. Should animals have the same right to life as people? ooh, this is a toughie. I'd have to say no. there are animals designated (by God and man) for use as food. And at times it is needed to put an animal down because it is a danger to humans. Do they deserve to be tortured, or killed needlessly? Absolutely not. But Man comes first.

560. What is your least favorite body part? My legs. I hate having to shave them. Yet when I don't, they itch and feel ugly. When I do, I tend to nick myself; and next thing you know, they are prickly again. Ick. There is no winning.

561. Do you enjoy British comedy? I haven't seen enough to give a general yes or no. Most of what I've seen I haven't cared for, but I've recently been introduced to Dr. Who. I've only seen one episode so far, so am currently undecided. But it wasn't an immediate 'no'.

562. Are there ever happy endings or does nothing end? there are happy endings, but they do not end a person's life, merely a part of their story. like a book. the characters lives go on after the end, but they can have a "happy ending" for this event or storyline.

563. What is your worst trait? My initial instinctive answer is procrastination. but I think the root trait is deeper than that. Worrying. Worrying what people will think, if I'll get it right, if any of it matters, if anyone is reading, if I'm good enough. Worry, worry, worry. Sometimes my brain won't shut it off.

564. Is the world more beautiful because of love? yes. we see so much more when we love and feel loved. our senses are opened to new things. it's easier to be optimistic, and thus everything is beautiful.

565. What is the essence of you? dandelion seeds. I could explain, but I'll let you interpret that. ;-)

566. What really inspires you? music, stories - both the true and the fanciful, soaking in sunlight while lying on the grass listening to the sounds of the world

567. Have you met your soul mate? yes. but I also believe there are multiple soul mates, perfect matches, out there for each person. It's a matter of proximity and timing.

568. Is everyday a special occasion? every day should be, but no. Sunday, when B was sick and threw up in his ramen... not so special an occasion. Unless you look at it in the way that it's special because it doesn't happen frequently. Hmm. Back to point of view.

569. What sound would you rather hear than any sound in the world? rain. it's a soothing backdrop. I could live without hearing my loved ones, as long as I feel them. Relates to my love languages being quality time and physical touch, not words of affirmation.

570. Of the following which word best describes you:
this is me! my hair dries naturally, I only wear make-up on special occasions, and I'm myself - what you see is what you get.
outgoing: definitely not
polite: I try, but sometimes I do or say things without thinking
quick thinking: sadly, no

571. Do any commercials make you want to break your TV? yes!! The Ikea commercial for their sales. Crazy lady, thinking she's getting a steal of a deal, running out to the husband and parked car... "Start the car! Start the car!" Kill the crazy high-pitched lady!

572. Have you ever lost your religion? no. even when I wasn't following it, I never discarded it. make sense?

573. Do you want to share your life with someone? yes! I AM sharing my life with someone (well, two someone's). One of my fears is being alone.

574. Where ARE the wild things? hiding, but their space is slowly being invaded, leaving little undiscovered.

575. Would you rather have a child genetically related to you or an adopted child? either. both deserve unconditional love and welcoming arms. If I hadn't been able to have children, I would definitely have adopted. Though getting a child genetically is cheaper, and the process is a bit more enjoyable. However, I don't want to go through the being pregnant again (see previous question) and would definitely adopt if we decide we want another child (yes, this is something my husband and I have discussed). For now, very happy with just one.

576. If I had a birthday party would you come? "I" being the person who created this list of questions? No, I do not know you. I rarely go to birthday parties of people I do know.

577. What seemingly impossible thing is POSSIBLE? the flight of a bumblebee.

578. What song do you love to sing out loud? The Ballad of Eleuteria. It's one I wrote myself. I'll often sing it in the shower, or while waiting for the bus to drop off my son.

579. Have you ever run through the woods naked and played in a stream (you should)? Nope

580. Have you ever taken long solitary night walks? yes. see number 413 for a specific memory.

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