Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mid-March Tuesday Tally

Last week’s goals:

  • rewrite first chapter
  • write like crazy! urr, that should be more concrete. minimum 1500 words/day
  • edit one scene/day

Goals for this week:

  • finish editing up to current point
  • submit some poetry to Basement Stories
  • get crits done for the month
  • write something new for TC each day


Keeping actual writing goals low this week, as it’s going to be busy. My husband took the day off for a date day – going to the mall, Olive Garden for lunch, and possibly a movie. Tomorrow the elementary school has the March Birthday Table, where any student who had a birthday that month can sit, and parents are invited. A lunch date with my birthday boy.

And as stated in my goals, I need to get my critiques done and get some poems out, so don’t know how much focus I’ll have on TC. I plan on still working on it in some fashion each day, so I don’t have a hard time getting back into it.

Didn’t hit my writing or editing goal for last week. Instead, I rewrote the first scene three times, trying to find out what worked best. I’m considering revising again, but am determined to sit on my hands until I get feedback. One of my ideas was to have Kaelin working at a natural history museum, but once I finally got around to pulling up maps, I learned the nearest was an hour and a half drive away. Okay for an occasional visit or volunteer day, but too much to expect for a regular drive. So I scrapped that and went a different direction. Now, back to chapter nine! I’ll never get this done if I keep jumping around, or fussing with details.

Upcoming Thursday’s Tale will introduce another coven member, and give a little insight into their purpose.


  1. Love date days!! WE don't do enough of those. And I really miss having lunch with my kiddo. She's 13 now, so probably wouldn't appreciate it as much. Good luck with meeting all your goals. It will come together for you. Just keep at it!

  2. Thanks Carolina! It had been too long since my husband had taken a day off just for fun. So glad he did!