Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Tally 3/9

Last week’s goals:

  • submit a batch of poetry 
  • finish needed research for TC and rewrite first chapter
  • if above goal finished early enough, write like crazy

Goals for this week:

  • rewrite first chapter
  • write like crazy! urr, that should be more concrete. minimum 1500 words/day
  • edit one scene/day


Took me longer to decide on a passion for Kaelin than anticipated. I wrote some notes and snippets, and am ready to rewrite chapter one. That’s today’s project. Tomorrow I’ll begin a minor round of editing on chapters two through eight, making sure they are consistent with the new material, while moving forward writing chapters nine and up.

I realize if I don’t get this book finished by March, or April, my ultimate goal is before school gets out! Once my son is home all day, it would be easier to focus on revisions and poetry than trying to immerse myself in new writing.

Initial goal: March 31

Revised goal: April 30

Ultimate deadline: June 4

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your goals this week! It's very cool that you hold yourself accountable this way.