Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring “Break”

This last week was an interesting one. B was sick for a week, staying home from school Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t have to worry about missing school the rest of the week, as it was Spring Break. Tomorrow he goes back to school (yay!).

My wrists were also hurting, so I took a break from writing and video games to give them a rest. (Thus the lack of blog updates.)

What did get done was house stuff. And I got a lot of reading done. B did as well. Just prior to Spring Break was parent teacher conference. Since B is doing so well in school (going to start some first grade level work), we bought him an early reader at the book fair. This is the first book that is really meant for his reading level, and he was excited to read it to me. Made it easy to get some reading in even though he was home sick.

B is very demanding when he’s home. Not just because he was sick. Wants Mommy to be involved in everything. I don’t want to know how many board games we played. Or video games on Monday (which probably contributed to the sore wrists).

Before school gets out for the summer, I will want to create some sort of routine, for everyone’s sanity.

Thankfully, B seemed fully well by Easter. Had plenty of energy to play with his new foam dart gun and rocket launcher. Of course, as soon as B gets better, I start to feel sick… One more day of Spring Break to survive.

How was your Easter?


  1. I also have a kindergartner who demands a lot of my attention. I love this age, though. Loads of fun and I love watching her learn.

    Just trying to squeeze in as much writing time as I can each evening.

  2. Definitely get him reading - my parents got my sister and me to read at a pretty young age, and after that all they had to do to entertain us was hand us books :)

    Glad B is feeling better, but I hope you're not getting sick next! My Easter was pretty good, low-key, just church and then lunch with the family, plus a walk with the doggies in the afternoon :)