Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tally: surviving April

Last week’s goals:

  • TC – write five scenes
  • submit revised poems
  • write a color poem  
  • clean physical space (shelves/desk)
  • write and/or revise nature poems for Friends of Arcadia contest


Goals for this week:


I had forgotten how crippling my Spring allergies are here. Sneeze, wipe watery eyes, sniffle, blow. Even with allergy medicine. We have a nice HEPA air purifier, which I crank up to high after being outside. I think the sinus headaches are the worst. Even when the other symptoms subside, that sinus pressure keeps pounding.

I didn’t get all my scenes in, but did make progress. Keeping my expectations low this week. Hoping the storm later this week will lessen the pollen in the air, so I can be more functional.

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