Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tally: Spring Cleaning

Trying to get back in routine. This month’s theme is Spring Cleaning. As a family we’ve begun tidying up our house and yard. We actually put up wall hangings! For my personal goals, I plan to clean and organize my virtual and physical work space. Each week I will focus on something specific.

I came nowhere close to finishing Trinity Coven by the end of March, so we are going with my reserve deadline of June 4. Spring Break was a preview of how much harder it will be to make writing and me time once summer comes. I’ll have to re-evaluate and determine how much I need to write each week to make it possible.

Goals for this week:

  • TC – write every weekday; create goal timeline
  • revise 3 poems
  • write another color poem  
  • clean virtual space (bookmarks)


  1. Life so often seems to sneak up on us, huh? Good luck with your revised deadlines! I'm impressed with how well you can just do that!

  2. Thanks Nisa! I learned that if I don't roll over goals that aren't working into a new frame, then I'll spend too much time focusing on failing instead of moving forward.

  3. The warm spring days really make me want to get out in the yard...too bad we've had so many nasty weather days so far!