Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good Night Had by All

Shoutout to my sister, Liz, who finished the first draft of her novel! Once I finish mine, we'll go through the editing and submission process together. I'm excited that I won't be doing it alone.


Last night we ate at Outback Steakhouse. The quality of service surprised us. When the server asked us how our food was, my husband was honest and said okay. The server asked what about it he didn't care for, then went and brought back a manager. The manager asked how the dish could be improved (hubby didn't care for the pasta sauce, too bland). She then asked if he wanted anything else on the menu instead, and they would fix it immediately. He passed on that, as he ate the chicken already, as well as most of my son's untouched food, so wasn't hungry anymore. The manager said the entree was taken off our bill and wished us a good night.


What surprised us about this visit: First, most servers at restaurants would be fine hearing okay and wouldn't inquire further or do anything to improve the customer's experience. Second, when the manager came out we expected to be reimbursed with a coupon for "buy one meal, get one 50% off" or similar, not a FREE meal. We were very pleased with the experience and impressed by the service, and will definitely be back. And, we will not be afraid to try a new dish.


  1. Wow. *is amazed service like that even exists*

  2. it's so often you hear about (or experience!) bad service, it's nice to hear that there are places that still give that special service that we all like to have. Which outback did you go to?

  3. We went to the Sandy location. :-)