Monday, October 1, 2007

Personality Type

I'm an occasional lurker over at Fangs, Fur, and Fey and fairly recently came across a discussion on Writer's Personality Types. I've done the test before, but it had been a long while, so I revisited it.

I took the test twice, about a week apart, with two different answers. I am a definite I-F- (Introverted, Feeling) but am borderline between ISFJ and INFJ (Sensing vs iNtuitive).  I'm slightly Judging instead of Perceiving, but apparently consistently so.


strength of preferences both times:

Introverted 89% (consistent)

Sensing 12% first time / Intuitive 25% second time

Feeling 38% (consistent)

Judging 11% (consistent)


I think I was more honest the second time, as the iNtuitive is more often applicable - mostly in the past or future, often have doubts, more attracted to the theory than the practice, don't like routine (well, I like some sense of routine, but not too binding). Sensing types are practical, active, realistic, self-confident, observant... yeah, not so much me. Though I do like pleasures based on physical sensation. (Breakdown of types.)


I suppose my favorite quote even follows the intuitive nature.

"The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


On that topic, here is today's poem:


More Than What You See

(written 03/15/07)


I am only half what you see --

you can't learn all from a picture;

yes, you seem my hair is blonde,

my eyes are blue,

perhaps estimate my height...

but my fair skin and features are not all

that make me who I am.


I am thoughts, ideas,

creations, emotions,



I am tears --

let loose so easily

but making me strong not soft.


I am survivor --

wrought in the fire

to strengthen my faith.


I am chiaroscuro --

not all light or dark alone

but the contrast and shadows they create.


I am love --

wrapped gently

around my husband and my son.


I am seeds --

blown from a dandelion

swept up by the air in flight.


I am words --

brewing inside of me

are ideas that will form poems and stories.


I am me --

take me or reject me,

but you cannot change me.


  1. hmm ... maybe I shall go take that test.

  2. turns out I'm INFJ (introverted 22, intuitive 38, feeling 25, judging 11)