Monday, October 29, 2007

On the B Front

We've had a potty chair for a while, got B used to seeing it and sitting on it occasionally, but hadn't seriously started training him yet. Once he started brushing his teeth mostly on his own, we've turned the base over to use as the stepstool. The top part fits on a toilet seat, and since B knows what the big toilet is for we've had him sit on it with the booster a couple of times. He's been wearing training pants as they are easier to change with him standing and not much more than a pack of diapers at the size he would need.


Yesterday he was acting like he needed to 'go' so I asked if he wanted to sit on the toilet. He ran right in and as soon as I put the seat on he started pulling off his pants. We had success! He actually used the potty! It wasn't much, and he filled his pants more after going to bed, but he seems to be ready for training. It's true what they say - they'll let you know when they're ready.


Now I have to train myself to ask him frequently and have him sit on the toilet first thing before and after bed. This morning he's already come to me wanting to sit on the toilet. All false alarms, but at least he has the desire. Seems to need to go, but can't. Maybe grape juice and raisins would help...


Saturday morning we got the call every parent wants to hear - Grandma wants to take the kid for the weekend. Yay! That afternoon we dropped B off at my in-laws, and didn't have to pick him up until over 24 hours later. It was great. We got some good couple time, and also had a blast doing a new dungeon with some friends in LOTRO without having to stop and get B snacks, change his pants, get him to bed, check on him, etc. And we slept in until 9:30 am. Heaven. :-)


Hubby's dad said that babysitting B was a breeze. Apparently he would always complain after having his other grandkids over - too noisy, rowdy, messy, or what not. B is a good kid. Well mannered, not too noisy, neat eater and not picky, willing to play by himself, and will help pick up toys. I'm lucky to have such a well-mannered kid. He's a sweetheart and I love him very much.


This poem was written almost exactly one year ago, on 11/01/06. The poetry form is Dorsimbra.


Little Mirror

A little mirror stands in front of me:

his ears stick out of hair as blonde as mine.

To mimic is a game that brings such glee;

where will this strong resemblance draw the line?


His wide grin mirrors mine as well,

eyes squeezed shut over dimpled cheeks.

Will he also take on my faults --

run into walls, have allergies, and an absent mind?


I need to act and speak so carefully

if he is to reflect each thing I do;

an "uh-oh" turns my head to face my son --

a little mirror stands in front of me.

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  1. I love your poem! B. is a great little guy. Good luck with the potty training. It's true that sometimes training the parents to consistently train the child is the hard part!
    Keep up the good work.