Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Tally, Living Good

Status of my novel
total words to date: 76,371
pages: 333
completed chapters: 16

Last week's goal(s):
  • write one scene a day - took a break Sunday, but made up for it by finishing two scenes yesterday

Goals for this week:

Feeling a lot better health wise. B and I are going to the Living Planet Aquarium with my mom today. None of us have been, so it should be a great experience. *note to self, remember camera.*

B is doing great with sleeping in the bed. I think we trained him too well, though. Bed time was no problem, he got real excited and stayed in bed all night. The first time we tried getting him to nap though, he had a fit. He was sick and super tired, so we insisted he take a nap, though that meant his dad kept putting him back in his room and on the bed. Eventually he didn't come out of the room, calmed down, and later we saw he fell asleep on the floor. The problem is, now he won't get off the bed without permission, in the morning or after a nap. Part of the bed appeal was me not having to get him up... Ah well. At least we don't have to worry about him climbing, falling, and hurting himself. And it is quicker than lifting him out of a crib.

Writing one scene a day has been awesome. If I had known what an emotional rush it would be to reach that mini "end" each day, I would have started a lot sooner. It's really not that much more writing than the 500 words a day I tried for before, and is a lot more fulfilling. Writing is addictive. It makes me happy. I feel so empowered after a good day of writing, even if the writing itself was struggling. This really is what I want to do with my life.


  1. The won't get out of bed without permission is a new one! Could be a lot worse though. Be happy for the little things.