Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Tally

Status of my novel

total words to date: 72,230

pages: 314

completed chapters: 14

Last week's goals:
  • finish chapter fifteen - slacker I am... got two scenes still to write 
  • update website - done
  • brainstorm fantasy newsletter ideas - came up with a couple. going to stick with worldbuilding topics, as that seems to be my strength.  

Goals for this week:

  • starting tomorrow, write one scene a day (got to make use of my time off from babysitting, and make up for slacking this last week)
  • umm... formulate more goals. yeah. 

Everyone here is sick to varying degrees. That includes P. Wishing I could take a nap. Maybe once P is down for his afternoon one, I can lay down while hubby keeps B off me.


I haven't started my 70 days of sweat yet. Two long babysitting days in a row is stressful, 'specially with sick ones.


This evening we'll be converting B's crib into a toddler bed. Yay for convertible cribs ($80 at Walmart!). Now that he can get in and out, in the dark, half-asleep, with the side up or down, there's no point in the crib anymore. Don't want him hurting himself getting out in the morning. I'll have to let P's mom know we're changing it though, as P is only a year old and may not sleep on a bed. May need to bring a play pen or something for him to nap in if the crib is gone. I'll leave that up to her.


Don't think I had anything else to blog about... Brain too foggy. *yawn*


  1. From a fellow Sweater, Hope you get lots done this weekend!!

  2. Just sliding over to congratulate you on meeting your Sven goal for this week, as suggested in the sign-up post. Woo-hoo! I'd be the writer who reported just after you. Have a great writing week!