Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweat - physical and mental

Exercising has been a challenge these past few weeks, which means I really haven't been doing so at all... Our Xbox will no longer read the Yourself Fitness! disc. Thankfully it's compatible with the Xbox360, but that also means I now have to exercise in the bedroom instead of the front room.


Challenges: 1) less space, for the cardio and flexibility I have to move diagonal instead of forward-back. 2) if my son doesn't nap (which is more days than not), I can't simply leave him on the other side of the kid-gate, which means he gets in the way, even when he tries to "exercise" with me, so I have to wait for hubby to be home to distract him.


Initially I considered exercising without the program, but that doesn't work for me. I need the direction, otherwise I spend about five minutes doing sit-ups, squats, and jumping-jacks. I am lost without my "personal trainer".


My babysitting schedule has also interfered, being abnormal as P's mom had a lot going on, and is currently working extra hours before going on vacation. Said vacation starts this Wednesday. I will have a week and a half off before going back to a regular schedule. So, I am determined to use that time and get back into a good exercise routine, even if that means hubby has to take B into the other room and distract him. I'm also upping the workout from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. The shorter workout doesn't cut it anymore. My metabolism finally slowed down this year - I don't have the same energy even after working out, and for the first time (pregnancy excluded) I have a hard time zipping up my pants. My tummy pooch is getting bigger. *cry* Motivation to do crunches even on the off days.


Sven's 70 Days of Sweat starts today. I think I'll actually sign up this time. I don't have enough word count just from my WIP (which I plan to finish long before January anyway), but I think I've found enough I could do to get the word count. The idea is to write a minimum of 750 words a day for at least 70 of the 93 days (Oct. 15 through Jan. 15)(totaling 52,500 words). So, here's the breakdown.

  • finish WIP (apx 18k)
  • add another 10k in revision (aka finish draft 2)
  • write query letter (500 words)
  • and synopsis (1500 words)
  • synopsis of Trinity Coven (1500 words)

Hmm, nope. still 15k words short. Then again, during rewriting I may end up doing that amount of words in rewritten scenes. Plus I can do in depth character sheets for T.C., and maybe even start writing it. Poetry is always an option as well. It would be a push, but I'm already going to be sweating to finish Emergence, so may as well keep sweating after. Right? Feel free to speak up if you think I'm crazy and/or setting myself up for disaster. LOL

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