Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Tuesday Tally

Status of my novel

  1. first draft
  2. read and revise for plot
  3. read and revise for continuity
  4. read and edit for grammar
  5. polish prose to prettiness
  6. write query and synopsis
  7. query agents

total words to date: 89,799

pages: 397

chapters revised: 21/21 (draft 3)

Previous goals:

  • chapter critique  - done.  
  • write first scene of T.C. - brainstormed, but didn't actually write it yet 
  • read a good chunk of Liz's manuscript - read some. don't know if it would constitute a good chunk... will read more! :-)  
  • plan details for B's birthday party - pretty set on what I want to do. nothing too complicated, as he'll only be 4.

Goals for next week:

  • chapter critique
  • write first scene of T.C. 
  • send party invites (soon!)
  • enter first chapter contest 
  • move website "news and updates" to its own page 


I revised the opening of EotF... again... I took the better elements from the two previous versions, then made a couple other changes. Now I get to resist making more changes to the rest of the manuscript until I can get some overall feedback. You can now read the first two pages (in addition to some other excerpts) over at my website for EotF.

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