Monday, February 4, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup - good for the soul, confusing for the brain

Last Friday we bought a can labeled as Kroger Condensed Tomato soup. I wanted it for a new recipe. Tonight I opened the can to add to the hamburger... and inside was Chicken Noodle Soup! I did a double take on the label. Apparently someone had tampered, switching the labels at the store. Grr. Hubby is now buying a new can so I can finish dinner. I don't want to have to check labels every time I buy a can of anything to make sure it's not tampered. I sent in a customer comment to Kroger. I will put up a picture of the deceitful can after I upload it tomorrow.


Update: apparently there were more taped labels at the store, so my husband spent a little more money to get a guaranteed tomato soup of Campbell's brand instead of buying another Kroger. This was not one instance of some kid playing a prank, but something else resulting in very carefully reapplied labels. And, as promised, pictures.


Chicken soup in disguise:

08, 02 04  Very chickeny tomato soup


A very carefully taped label:

(tape circled for your convenience)

2008, 02 04  taped soup label circled


  1. huh--I wonder why (and how) someone would do that? Odd.

  2. Weird experience! I like Campbell's tomato soup best anyway - it's worth the extra pennies. We opened a package of Western family mac and cheese recently that had GRAY pasta and a big, ugly crawly thing...two inches of whatever it was - not a centipede, not that many legs, but not a worm..ICK! The next two packages of same brand also had ugly gray macaroni, so I threw them out and have taken to buying the Kraft kind when it's on sale!