Thursday, February 21, 2008

Patience = Success

Someday I hope to say that about my writing... Tonight, I refer to my son. B is usually a good eater. There is little he won't eat, or at least try. But one of those foods on the "won't eat" list was broccoli. I'd always give him a couple little ones just in case, but didn't expect him to touch them. Today he did! Not only did he eat the little I put on his plate, he asked for more! :-) On to working with carrots... At least he always liked green beans, so he does get his veggies.


  1. Patience really is so important to success in any endeavor. Yay for broccoli! mmm

  2. My daughters often remind me of how our palate changes over time. The youngest, now finishing up graduate school, wouldn't put ketchup on her fries until she was four and disliked most vegetables we adults consider easy for kids to accept. Until recently she wouldn't put dressing on her green salads. The culprit? Not her taste buds, but a difficulty in stomaching products containing vinegar! No one knew, including her.

    Children will experiment when the time is right in their minds. Sometimes we can instill a sense that it is time through trickery. My grandson, recently turned four, is best tricked by telling him the opposite of what we want him to do. It doesn't work all the time, of course, and usually he has to be in a playful mood so that the negative request is as much a game to him as a new adventure.

    Patience is the main ingredient to a successful conclusion. For many of us (better include me in this group), as much effort goes into generating patience as does maintaining it for the cause. Anyone able to keep a little one happy while expanding his world of opportunities must sure have a lot of this stuff. Want to share some with me? I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some patience today. :)

  3. kudos for not giving up on broccoli, etc...I know it takes a lot of effort to be patient and encouraging. You're doing a great job!