Friday, September 19, 2008

QA time again

5,000 Questions... My answers so far...


444. Are you better at talking or listening? listening

445. What will only happen to you once in this lifetime? birth.

446. Know of any conspiracy theories you think might be credible? not on top of conspiracy theories

447. What are the most beautiful words that have ever been spoken to you? I might have an answer to that if I could delve into my journals (packed away, sadly). I should pay more attention to these things.

448. If it were legal would you own a human slave (race unimportant)? no. I'd be uncomfortable with a genie slave. I was uncomfortable when in 5th grade our class was split up into slaves and owners. I was the latter. I don't recall having my "slave" do much.

449. Have you ever read your own writing at a poetry reading? yes. very nerve wracking, yet empowering.

450. What is one simple thing that gives you the happy shivers? eating chocolate or banana pudding

451. What do you do for exercise? three days a week I work out 30 minutes with Yourself! Fitness (personal trainer program for Xbox).

452. Would you rather have a strict teacher with a sense of humor or a lenient teacher that doesn't teach? strict with a sense of humor. those are the ones that make learning fun.

453. If you ever have a baby what might you want to name it? my pre-married list included the following names: Jonathon Tyler, Caleb Andrew, Matrim Dale, Emma Marie, Alexa Dawn, Sariah Ruth, and Ember Nicole. Names most considered when actually pregnant: Sebastian (was our initial favorite, but my in-laws hated it), Vincent, and Ashlee (would have been B's name if he was a girl).

454. If you won free tickets to a concert from a radio show and had to choose between Inxs, Poison, Blondie and Moby, which would you choose? One moment while I look those up on YouTube. ... Okay, turns out I've actually heard music from all of them. I'd definitely go with Blondie.

455. Are you a good cook? no. I am a lousy cook. We stick to time-proven recipes.

456. Do you prefer when things come with no assembly required, even if they are a bit more expensive? no. I like assembling things with my husband. It's something we've enjoyed together since putting together our first pieces of furniture during our early days as a married couple

457. Start a sentence with the words: what if. What if magic was merely believing?

458. Are you more spontaneous and unpredictable or loyal and routine? loyal and routine

459. What is the highest number you can count to in your head? I remember trying to find out back in the elementary school days. Don't remember how high I got, but I know the numbers weren't accurate higher up (making up words such as a gagillion). Nowadays, I'd probably be likely to get lost after 1 million. I don't care to waste time finding out.

460. How do you go about losing weight? haven't had a need to. getting rid of that tummy pooch is a different matter...

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