Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tally, revitalized

EotF Update

total words to date: 93,574

pages: 412

chapters revised: 26.5/27 (draft 5)


T.C. Status

word count: 1471


I've been working on multiple stories today. My creative gear must have kicked back in. I think there are multiple factors that have helped oil it. The query homework challenge from Liana, preparing for an online writing conference next month (picking workshops, reading handouts, etc), and reading. As a self-inflicted punishment for not finishing my current draft, I had been not reading books. I finally realized that was backfiring. I need to read to get inspiration for my own writing.


I found an old note about a couple story ideas and had to add them to my saved list on the computer. I believe one of the ideas will work great combined with two others I merged not long ago. Way down on the street my family lives on, there is (was?) a woman nicknamed "the crazy lady". I admit to calling her that myself at times. She always had odd decorations out in her tree and lawn. Stuffed animals, streamers, holiday decorations in the wrong season. Sometimes she would dance on her lawn. A modern day hippie of sorts. I don't know anything about her other than what we would see walking by. I may have called her crazy, but I secretly admired her and wanted to write a story about her. Without going into the other two story nuggets, here's what I wrote today:


Dear Conner,

A new school year has started. New teenagers walking by my house, to and from the Junior High down the block. New faces, but nothing has changed. I'm still the crazy lady. I overheard them snickering about it as they walked by today. I'm not crazy. Just different. I'm happy. I can't help but express it. They don't understand me, for they have not experienced my happiness. They won't stop and listen to the music.


Are you still listening? To the music?



Alexa Dawn


Letters will be a big factor in the first part of the book. I need to give her a unique letter closer, but there's no rush on that. I still have EotF to polish, and TC to write!


... and my personal time is almost up. Soon I must go out and wait for the school bus to drop off B. I will have to make good use of these school hours.

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  1. Very cool crazy lady idea.
    We had a woman like that and then the stuff in the yard all disappeared one day. I wonder if she died. The house went for sale a few weeks later and that was it.