Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fact or Crap

5,000 Questions... My answers so far...



Let's play fact or crap.
Is it a fact? Or is it crap?


Don't take my word for these. Just answering my initial theory, not looking up actual answers. If you're curious, look them up yourself.

481. The greenhouse effect is bad for your health. crap

482. There are about as many molecules of air in one breath as there are hairs on your head. crap

483. The Miss America pageant started out as a contest in which people decorated wheel chairs and one chair was judged the prettiest. crap

484. To remove a tattoo a physician can place a small balloon under the skin, which is inflated so that the tattooed skin gradually stretches. Then they cut the stretched skin away. crap

485. Cock fighting is a sexual sport. crap

486. It is the warmest time of the day during the hour that the sun is the highest in the sky. crap

487. Certain scientists specialize in studying cow farts. fact

488. The brilliant colors (reds, oranges, yellows) across the sky that we get from sunsets are caused mainly by pollution. crap

489. In Grimm's original fairy tale, Rapunzel is pregnant. crap

490. Dracula was the first movie about a vampire. crap

491. The inventors of Corn Flakes, the Kellogg brothers, ran a school for delinquent youth. crap (it was a sanitarium, actually)

492. "Kemo Sabe" means "soggy shrub" in Navajo. crap

493. Sir Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. crap

494. The Earl of Sandwich invented the Sandwich. fact

495. Some Chinese alchemists were trying to invent an immortality medicine and accidentally invented gunpowder instead. fact

496. The human body is made of about 99% water. crap

497. Bubble gum contains rubber. fact

498 This survey to the zero power = 0. crap

499. Most lipstick contains fish scales. crap

500. There are 86401 seconds in day. crap


  1. 492 is true actually. I'm not sure about all the others.

  2. Cool. Learn something new everyday. :-)

  3. 498 is true!
    Any value raised to the 0 power = 1

  4. 481 is true! this is the basics of global warming! I guess you are not into science ;-)

  5. Actually, you just proved that 498 is still false, because the statement says it equals 0, not 1. As for the global warming, nope, I'm not too educated on science (or math if you can't tell). Thanks for teaching me something new. :-)