Thursday, October 2, 2008



The new trend seems to be Wordle. Rather than try to explain it, check out my examples below (click to see enlarged, on Wordle site).


using "The Blazing Princess":


using The Ballad of Eleuteria:


I think the concept would be a great way to showcase a character profile. I may have to try that out. It's almost a form of visual poetry. I love Wordle. Thank you to Authoress and Liana for sharing theirs.


Do you have a Wordle to share?


Upcoming entries: goals for October, more 5k Q, and music in games



    I made one from my blog. I had a recipe up on Friday so I have all sorts of random cooking phrases in there. I am amused!

  2. I love the wordles and love when my character's names are nice and big like that!