Monday, October 6, 2008

October Goal Plan

I finally have a deadline for finishing that scene that's been holding me back from draft five completion. I won an auction item for a full novel review, so I need to get that done and uploaded to WDC in the next week or so.


This month is also The Muse Online Writers Conference, of which I am signed up for. I have some handouts to finish reading, and some assignments and exercises to have ready in advance. So this is a big writing month.


My daily goals are very detailed and organized in Microsoft Excel. My overall goals for the month are as follows:


  • Finish uploading the recent version of EotF to WDC at one or two chapters a day, including the elusive chapter 26, by Oct 11
  • have a poetry chapbook outlined and other assignments ready for Muse Conf, which starts Oct 13
  • print off and submit Blazing Princess to next market on the list
  • use latter part of month (20-31) to put all that aside and make progress on TC
  • to accomplish all of the above, spend at least two hours daily (at least M-F) on writing related activities


  1. wow, you've got a lot on your plate. good luck! All I'm focusing on right now is finishing edits on my book by the end of October, but it'll take some serious effort just to get that done. Also, I have an elusive chapter of my own that I need to pin down :)

    It's awesome that you won a full novel review ... that'll be priceless!

  2. Fantastic goals! And congrats on winning the full manuscript critique. How awesome is that!