Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Tally - Muse Conf time

EotF Update

total words to date: 94,627

pages: 417

chapters revised: 27/27 (draft 5)


T.C. Status

word count: 1471


This Months' Goals:

  • Finish uploading the recent version of EotF to WDC at one or two chapters a day, including the elusive chapter 26, by Oct 11
  • have a poetry chapbook outlined and other assignments ready for Muse Conf, which starts Oct 13
  • use latter part of month (20-31) to put all that aside and make progress on TC
  • to accomplish all of the above, spend at least two hours daily (at least M-F) on writing related activities

    See that beautiful completed draft five up there? Last Thursday I wasn't feeling well, but I had that deadline, and I got that scene done. Yes, it was hard. Is it any good? I don't know. No one else has read it yet. But it's done. Now I get to ignore it for the rest of the month.


    Keeping busy with the Muse Conference this week. Learning some good stuff, writing new stuff for assignments, and getting help with some poetry I'm stuck on. I'll definitely be signing up again next year.


    ... P has been here less than five minutes and already the boys are fighting. B wants to play, and P is cranky and tired and just wants to veg. Of course, B doesn't accept that and tries to force P to play with him, which just makes everyone more cranky. Ten minutes until bus time...


    Alright, I refuse to end on that negative note. One of the workshops this week is on compiling a chapbook. I shared the many topics I cover in my poetry, and my indecision on choosing a good theme. The presenter replied and essentially gave me permission (encouraged even) me to go with the dark theme. I have a lot of poetry that deals with death/abuse/pain/darker emotion. I have an idea for a title, now the next step is target markets. I can't exactly put a chapbook of dark poetry in a pet store or flower shop. Will have to brainstorm.


    1. Target high schools and genre book stores :o)

    2. The Muse Conference sounds cool, but, what exactly is a Chapbook?

    3. Matt - A chapbook is a small, paperback book. It's common for a book of poetry. So, in this case, I'm referring to a small collection of poetry. :-)

    4. Sounds like great progress! Congrats!
      Maybe I should know this, but what is WDC?

    5. WDC = Writing.com. Usually I link it. Guess I got lazy this time. heh