Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tally

EotF Update

total words to date: 93,640

pages: 413

chapters revised: 26.5/27 (draft 5)


T.C. Status

word count: 1471


This Months' Goals:

  • Finish uploading the recent version of EotF to WDC at one or two chapters a day, including the elusive chapter 26, by Oct 11
  • have a poetry chapbook outlined and other assignments ready for Muse Conf, which starts Oct 13
  • print off and submit Blazing Princess to next market on the list *
  • use latter part of month (20-31) to put all that aside and make progress on TC
  • to accomplish all of the above, spend at least two hours daily (at least M-F) on writing related activities

    * My sense kicked in and I realized I may learn something from the conference to help me improve Blazing Princess, so we're moving that goal to next month.


    I'm glad my husband had to go into the office today instead of work from home this morning. Found out a car in the parking lot had been broken into - large rock thrown through the window, radio stolen. This used to be a great complex, high quality. Now the fire, this, and another incident in the news last week. Kids are doing graffiti by the mailboxes, and pulling planks from the fence so they can climb over into the field on the other side. I'm not liking the signs I see, and don't want to be here much longer. And now our rent is going up again, so we're really not saving much being here. We're hoping to negotiate for a six month lease at renewal. I want to move next summer. A few things have changed in our favor, and each year we have more savings for a deposit. Hopefully it will happen this time.


    Edit: After thinking about it, the car break-in probably happened during the night, not this morning. But that doesn't make it feel any safer.


    1. I've lived in places like that, it sounds like you'd be better moving sooner rather than later. Especially if rent is going to go up if you stay.

    2. Wow - some great progress on your WIPs. And yikes on the car break in. It can be scary!