Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tally and random stuff

EotF Status

total words to date: 94,435

pages: 423

chapters revised: 11/27 (draft 6)


T.C. Status

word count: 2,947


MiB Status

word count: 550


Goals for December

  • write a prompted poem for contest - "If Atlas Had a Tantrum..." 
  • submit a batch of poems  
  • mail off Blazing Princess again 
  • get through EotF draft 6


It's snowing. Very cold, 24 degrees, today. Wishing I was in Phoenix (54 degrees).


Recent Distraction: Cake Wrecks


Crazy Contest I entered MiB opening into: First Paragraph Challenge


Last Book I Read: The Black Tattoo. Was a birthday present from my husband. Enjoyed it a lot.


Recent Embarrassment: Wrote the wrong name on an envelope for a Christmas Card. At least the envelope is white, so white-out saves the day... Why did I write the name I did? That is a mystery. I don't even know anyone of the name I wrote. *sigh*


Currently behind on: Crits for poetry group.


Yesterday's accomplishments: Exercised. Rearranged scenes in two chapters of EotF to move an events timetable by two moons, and adjusting all scenes that got affected. Got B's presents wrapped and under the tree.


**Update! Even newer embarrassment: Somehow managed to save this post over my December Tally, rather than simply copying the template. *bangs head on wall*

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