Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T.T. and Happy Holidays

EotF Status

total words to date: 97,037

pages: 440

chapters revised: 21/27 (draft 6)


T.C. Status

word count: 2,947


MiB Status

word count: 791


Goals for December

  • write a prompted poem for contest - "If Atlas Had a Tantrum..." 
  • submit a batch of poems  
  • mail off Blazing Princess again 
  • get through EotF draft 6


My mom stopped by today, so now we have presents circling the entire Christmas tree rather than one little pile. We're having pot roast for Christmas dinner. It will be my first time making it. Hoping it goes well. With the internet and a crock pot I don't imagine it will be too hard.


Slow progress on the potty training front. Just haven't had good timing. Doesn't help that B never volunteers the need to go, for either function. Was hoping that a shower (which B hates) after every soiled underwear would help to motivate him, but after three showers yesterday... Today better not be as bad. It would be a lovely Christmas present for him to be potty trained, but I don't think it's happening that fast.


As soon as I finish this draft of EotF, I am sending the first chapter to Firebrand Literary Agency. They are having a Query Holiday, and accepting first chapters through January 15. Worth a shot.


  1. Good luck with both dinner and Firebrand. :) I wish more agencies would do this every once in a while.

  2. Good luck with the agency. You are a great author - if you never take the shot then you won't know if you missed or not.

    Love and Merry Christmas!

  3. Looking forward to reading your writings, Mary. I miss you! Hope you had a merry Christmas!

  4. Ah, potty training, happy memories!

    I think you're very brave: I have never potty trained in winter. It's much easier when half the pee is lost in the lawn and no one notices.

    Oh, I surfed in from EE by the way, after seeing your query letter there.

  5. Thanks for swinging by, fairy. I think winter worked for us, because it made my son really not want to be wet - cleanup was too cold. But there sure were times I wished he could run around naked so I'd have less laundry...