Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take pity on the introverts this Christmas

For reference, here is the definition of introvert, and examples of famous ones.


In these group happy holidays, remember the Introverts Bill of Rights, particularly #2: Introverts have the right to leave social events "early" as needed.  I enjoy visiting with family, but the more people there are, the faster my energy drains.


As of last year, we are no longer going to Christmas Eve festivities. We are starting our small, quiet, family traditions here at home. At least being married to a fellow introvert, we are often on the same wavelength.


On an unrelated, writing note, it is much easier removing a secondary character than it is to add one in a later draft. Though I may have believed differently the last time I removed a character... Writing/revising is hard! Don't let anyone tell you different.

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  1. Now that's one second amendment we can all agree on! Congrats on finding a way of celebrating that works for you.