Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Review

I didn't do so well on this year's goals. Let's review (new comments in blue):

Ongoing endeavors:

  • Read from an inspirational book every day - start by finishing 101 Powerful Promises from Latter-day Prophets by Wayne E. Brickey, then read God wants a Powerful People by Sheri Dew. - read those two books, but didn't start a new one after
  • Blog everyday. I've joined Blog365. - did awesome Jan-March. tapered off starting in April. I simply don't have enough to blog about to be interesting on a daily basis. We'll stick to a couple times a week.
  • work on Trinity Coven weekly - got caught up in EotF edits
  • continue sending out The Blazing Princess until it sells or the year ends - very sporadic
  • exercise 15-30 minutes, 3x week - good at the start of the year, awful in the middle, but back into routine
  • do at least two cities in Rock Band solo tour each week (exercise and stress relief all in one!) - finished solo tour through medium. now have Rock Band 2!
  • have meal plans and shopping list done before Friday - mostly awesome!
  • try two new recipes each month - tried, most didn't turn out well. have a picky husband, and hard to find good recipes
  • resume 2 hour writing sessions on Wednesday - never did get back into this. either I write lots, or I don't. no schedule. 
  • read two books a month, one Fantasy and one outside my genre - wow, forgot about this one. I think I did pretty good, but didn't keep track.

Goals with Deadlines:

  • enter Odyssey Poetry contest (deadline January 15)
  • get new contacts by January 31 - got them, but much later
  • write new Dear Me letter and enter into WDC contest (deadline Jan. 31)
  • participate in Storycrafter's February Workshop on Plot & Structure
    • get book required by Jan. 31 - couldn't find the book
  • Attend Life, the Universe, and Everything SF&F Symposium for at least one day, February 14-16 - was awesome! report here
  • throw a theme party for B's fourth birthday (March 8) - see Birthday Party
    • decide on theme (January 31)
    • ask Mom to make cake and if we can stage event at her house (Feb. 9)
    • send out invites (Feb. 26)
    • buy supplies (March 1)
  • polish EotF by March 31 - took more revisions and time than expected
  • compile list of 20 agents, write query and synopsis for EotF, and have manuscript in standard format by April 30
  • query five agents by June 1
  • finish Trinity Coven by Dec. 1 (so nice having December off)


The last three got pushed back due to time spent revising EotF and waiting for feedback so I could revise/edit some more. Now, I think it's finally ready for representation. Or at least no more revisions until valuable feedback from agents. 2009, queries here we come!


Regular Tuesday Tally's will resume next week.

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