Monday, November 7, 2011

Lifelines out in the World

The Poetic Muselings is a group of poets who formed from the Muse Conference to share poetry, push boundaries, and support each other. We complied a book of our best poems, worked as a group to make them even better, and pulled them together in a cohesive theme. The result? LIFELINES poetry anthology. Our collection was picked up by InkSpotter Publishing and is now available! You can order it through Amazon or request it at your local bookstore.


Our poems and purpose kept us afloat through the years. We became each others' Lifelines.

LIFELINES plays off both meanings: those on the palm of your hand, as well as those linking us adrift.

Our poems flow with the tides of the sea as they follow the ebb and tide of life itself. Childhood and friendship. Romance and loss. From death to new life and inspiration.

ISBN-10: 0981333559
ISBN-13: 978-0981333557

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