Friday, November 18, 2011

Feedback on Lifelines

Now that Lifelines has been out for a week, starting to get some feedback. We got our first Amazon review today!

I also got my packages early, both of which I expected to arrive on Monday. I got my business cards from VistaPrint, and my copies of Lifelines.

My husband stopped by mid-day to bring me flowers, so I sent him back to work with some business cards and a copy of the book. His coworkers had a potluck today, so he shared it then. Got some nice comments. One coworker actually wanted to take the book over the weekend and read it! Hubby said no. She needs to get her own copy. He was, however, able to whip out my business card with all the book info on it so she wouldn’t have to write it down.

People were very impressed by the cover, and even more so to find out one of our group members created the picture (kudos to Lin!).

If you read Lifelines, do consider leaving reviews on Amazon and/or GoodReads. The more feedback the merrier.

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