Monday, September 3, 2007

Contest results and Poem

I got the judging results for my story, The Blazing Princess, in the Writers of the Future contest. I placed as a quarterfinalist, which means it was in the top 15% of all stories submitted. I don't win anything other than recognition, but I'm happy with the results for my first entry into a prestigious contest. :-) Now I'll look into places to submit my story to for publication. Any suggestions for where a retold fairy tale might find a home?

And my poem to share today:

George Experiences Pop Culture

Curious George is always striving
to be the next big thing,
the little monkey climbed on stage
and actually started to sing!

The crowd fell in love -
he was on the news!
He went on to perform
for a celebrity cruise.

But at the end of the week
he was tired of fame,
so he asked for a ride home
and the man in yellow came.

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