Thursday, September 27, 2007

thoughts on Windows Live Writer

I've been using Windows Live Writer for two weeks now. I'm getting used to the formatting - start new paragraphs in Normal or HTML view, as pressing enter does unexpected things in the other view modes. I'd like a font size change shortcut on the toolbar, but it is changeable under fonts under format. One thing that did throw me off is the Web Preview. It looks wrong. But I found out it's showing the IE version. I hadn't ever seen my blog through IE. Don't care for it honestly. Too many spaces. I much prefer the Firefox view. Once I figured out the difference it's not a problem.


I LOVE being able to compose and save drafts offline. My main problems come in trying to actually post an entry, as it doesn't want to connect very often, but that's my typical connectivity problem, NOT Windows Live Writer problem, and the reason I like having it saved offline.


I have yet to get a plugin to install. I've downloaded one, but it gave me an error "must have Windows Live Writer installed." Umm, I do have it installed, and that's where I got the link to the plugin page... Oh well. Maybe it's a version issue. What I want is a plugin for easy copy/paste from webpage (namely blog) or some sort of blog template. I copy/paste the previous week's Tuesday Tally to easily do the new one each week, moving goals from this to last week, etc. I may have to make my own template, save the HTML elsewhere.


  1. Hi, I'm one of the developers of Windows Live Writer.

    Your blog looks the same to me in IE and Firefox--are you still on IE6? If so, then upgrading to IE7 may fix both the incorrect Web Preview and the weird Enter behavior in Web Layout mode.

    I don't know if this helps but I wrote a templating plug-in that you might try:

  2. I am still using IE6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to try upgrading, and will definitely take a look at your plug-in.