Friday, September 21, 2007

Marian's thoughts*, 1st of Sleeping Moon, age 10

* this memory was never recorded on paper, as Marian did not know how to write. but these were her thoughts that day

Today is the first day of Sleeping Moon. It is also my birthday. To celebrate my ten years, Mother bought a cream cake from the baker. The plum frosting is tangy, but when my teeth break through the cake, the smooth, rich, butter cream floods into my mouth. My sister Terra and I eat slowly, as we only get to eat cream cake on birthdays. Father bought me a new dress from the fancy shops in Valadilene. The dark green is the prettiest I've seen, and there are actually bells sewn into the hem! What fun it will be to jingle when I dance at Winter Feast next month. Terra gave me my own brush. Flowers are carved into the wooden handle; it's so pretty.

Birthday celebrations will be over by dark, as tonight is winter solstice - longest night of the year. As the sun sets, we will light candles. They will remain until dawn or until they burn out. We can't speak at all the whole time the candles are lit. We're supposed to keep to ourselves. I will have much to be grateful for as I rest tonight.

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