Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Tally and computer issues

Status of my novel

total words to date: 63,118
pages: 273
completed chapters: 12

Last week's goals:
  • keep working on 100 day challenge - almost done!
  • write Fantasy newsletter - got it turned in 3 days early
  • make revisions to last section of Mirror - made some, filled in some needed transition. not done with all major changes though.
  • write at least one scene in Emergence - finished the single scene today
  • make up new word (for contest) - made up three new words, and also entered a feyan word from my novel. will share them next week, after contest is over. though you can scroll down and see them in comments on contest

Goals for this week:

  • keep working on 100 day challenge
  • write W.W. newsletter
  • fix at least one of the two major problems left with Mirror
  • write at least one scene in Emergence
  • decide what to do with freewebs blog
Remember that new drive I got? Well, it wasn't entirely effective. For some reason it won't read audio files. That meant no playing music CDs and having to install games through my hubby's computer to get around the errors every time it got to a an audio file and couldn't read it. But I got Sims2 Bon Voyage expansion, and the disc wouldn't let me install it the roundabout way. So, we ordered me another new drive which arrived yesterday. Working great! The other one we'll keep as backup, as it does play games just fine once they were installed. I am completely cursed when it comes to computers. Anyway, my husband surprised me by getting me a new keyboard as well! The Dell one was very cheap. Now I have a nifty, high quality, Eclipse keyboard. I'd find a pic or something and link it, but my internet is being stupid again. *sigh*

*update - you can now see my nifty new keyboard by clicking on the link above

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  1. Sorry ab. your computer problems. I can empathize, as can everyone in PG (have you heard ab. their internet problems? no one can check their email anymore). On another not, aren't pleasant surprises wonderful? And doesn't the 100 days challenge end this month? Next week?