Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Tally - brought to you by Ubduk

Status of my novel

total words to date: 65,722

pages: 285

completed chapters: 12

Last week's goals:
  • finish last couple days of 100 day challenge - all done!
  • dig up the best posts of freewebs blog and cross post them here - posted one, have two more to share
  • finish current revisions for Mirror - done. Liz read it and had issues though. will wait for hubby to read it again before making more changes, but afraid she's right - most everything happens to the MC, she doesn't struggle much to solve things herself. Not sure how to fix the issue though. May not be something that can be fixed. I like Mirror, but I know The Blazing Princess is much better.  
  • finish chapter 13 - finishing last scene today, due to not writing yesterday
  • outline my first ever website mailing - I have a simple email planned. Now if only I can find which folder I saved it in... 

Goals for this week:

  • write up website mailing to send out Oct. 1 (visit my website to subscribe!)
  • finish chapter 13 and write three additional scenes 
  • send out more poetry

I received another rejection for a poem. And I have another batch that I'm about to give up on. Time to find a few more markets, get some more submissions out.


Remember how I mentioned entering the Writer Unboxed contest? The winner was announced today. My word Ubduk was listed as one of the honorable mentions. Here is the definition, and the rest of my entries:


Ubduk (n.) - monster that abducts your muse, leaving you with writer's block. Yesterday I was visited by Ubduk and got no writing done.

Haeva (n.) - a soft, tender term of endearment for a loved one. (Feyan word in my novel.) "Don't worry, haeva. You'll see me plenty once everything is over."

droolicious (adj.) - so delicious sounding or looking that it causes one to drool. I bought some Chocolate Chunk Macadamia nut cookies because they are so droolicious.

sexth-sense (n.) - a child's ability to always interrupt when his parents are getting naked. Our son exercised his sexth-sense, waking up from a deep sleep for no apparent reason other than to interrupt us.


  1. It's been a while since I visited your website--it's still very cool. ;-) How exciting is it to think that we're both going to actually finish our novels this year? I wrote 1000 words yesterday. yay!

  2. Yay for progress, and super-yay for sending out submissions!!! =)