Monday, September 17, 2007

Poem and Goodbye to Authors

I really like this poem, but have no idea what magazine it would fit, so I share it here.

Defending the Keep

(written 03/18/07)

A wall was built in defense --

four walls enclosing a sand keep,

separating the king's knights

from the army men.

It took all morning for the young god

to complete the wall --

polished river pebbles sealed by glue:

five inches high, three inches wide,

each of the four sides measuring two feet long;

only the west wall incomplete in its height,

as the god was called away from his work.

Noon sun glinted off pink and gray surfaces;

the east side belonged to Egg --

placed as a watchman;

with painted face he looked back

into the shadows of his wall

at the knights positioned for any breach;

a noise drew his attention forward into the garden

where the enemy resided --

a spurt... and water began to spray from the ground,

making the smooth surface slick.

Egg dared not move until the barrage ended,

but the assault had just begun,

for a large furry intruder came,

whiskers twitching as she sniffed the musty stone...

with a swipe she topples Egg --

his wire legs finding no purchase on the wet wall,

he falls to crack upon the soldiers below;

the knights can do nothing to repair him,

only mourn his demise beneath the wall.

On a sad note, I just learned that Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney, Jr.) died yesterday afternoon. He was working on the final book of the Wheel of Time series. Hopefully his son or someone else will be able to finish it. Madeleine L'Engle, author of The Wrinkle in Time and over 60 other books, also died this month. It's sad to see these two legends gone.

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  1. Even though I knew RJ was seriously ill, it's still a shock to hear that he actually died. It does kind of inspire me to write what I can while I can, because you never know what may happen tomorrow.