Thursday, July 3, 2008


Authoress will be having another contest over at Miss Snarks First Victim. This one is a first page contest. Submit your 250 words, each opening will get its own blog post, and everyone can comment on it. There is even going to be a Secret Agent commenting on every entry! An opportunity not to be missed.


To get some feedback and practice with our opening paragraphs, there's a little warm up contest over at I've got the openings of three of my stories up, and have already received some helpful feedback. Feel free to join us over there (deadline is tomorrow).


Liana also wrote a great post on Classic First Lines.

What makes a great opening line? What makes that first sentence pop out and grab your attention?

At random I pulled some books off the nearest bookshelf in my house and started cruising through.

Read her post for her insight. I like the idea of looking at random openings and want to try it myself. As the books on my desk aren't too random, I'll need to get into the overflowing box of books sitting in the front room whilst waiting for storage. I'll do my evaluation in a follow-up entry.


In other news, I can't believe I forgot to mention winning a DVD! I entered a drawing over on the Universal HD forums. They had Firefly Shindigs going during rebroadcasts of Firefly, and I won a copy of Done the Impossible! Very shiny. I have watched the main documentary and love it. There are so many special features on the disk for me still to explore!

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