Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Tally and feeling better

EotF Update

total words to date: 91,507

pages: 407

chapters revised: 13/27 (draft 5)


T.C. Status

word count: 1471


This month's goals:

  • finish five antagonist chapters for EotF - 2/5 done
  • finish EotF draft 5 
  • submit at least one batch of poetry
  • submit Blazing Princess
  • work on Trinity Coven

Last week's goals:

  • finish 2nd ant. ch. and write 3rd
  • prep next Fantasy newsletter
  • wait in eager anticipation for Friday's listing of contest entries, and comment on at least five other openings once they're up - great stuff over there! quite a learning experience 
  • write a new poem (for WDC contest)

This week's goals:

  • submit poetry
  • write another new poem
  • write 3rd and 4th antagonist chapters


I got a little caught up revising my opening of EotF and didn't get around to writing the third Zalandar chapter (as an aside, "The Zalandar Chapters" sounds like a title of its own...). Will remedy that this week.


Still a tad under the weather, but seemed to be a short-lived sickness. Yay for small blessings.

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