Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tally plus PT update

EotF Update

total words to date: 90,828

pages: 404

chapters revised: 10/27 (draft 5)


T.C. Status

word count: 1471


This month's goals:

  • finish five antagonist chapters for EotF - 1.5/5 done
  • finish EotF draft 5 
  • submit at least one batch of poetry
  • submit Blazing Princess
  • work on Trinity Coven

Last week's goals:

This week's goals:

  • finish 2nd ant. ch. and write 3rd
  • prep next Fantasy newsletter
  • wait in eager anticipation for Friday's listing of contest entries, and comment on at least five other openings once they're up
  • write a new poem (for WDC contest)

Potty Training update:

After another attempt, we have determined that B is simply not ready. He does not care if his underwear is wet and soiled if he is busy playing, especially with P here. Over weekends we can get him coming to us if he's wet, or answering yes/no to if he needs to potty, but even that is still hinging around clean up for him, and not prevention. We did try bribes - a new car (displayed where he can see it even) for the first time he poops in the potty, and stickers every time he pees in the potty with a promise of a new game when he completes a sheet of stickers.


We will now be waiting until October to try again, when P's mom has her baby and takes time off work. Then we can focus without the backtracking during the week. Hopefully he will be ready then. The only tough thing now is talking him into wearing diapers again. He loves wearing underwear. Sadly, he simply doesn't have the internal incentive to keep them dry. On the plus side, you don't have to read my potty-training whining for three months!

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  1. Little boys sometimes just need more time..and are always harder to train. You are doing a great job.