Thursday, July 24, 2008

Varied musings, plus PC rant

5,000 Questions... My answers so far...


359. What are you the most sensitive about? relationships

360. What can you talk about for hours? books and writing. :-)

361. Do you talk about yourself, other people, or ideas the most? I talk about myself and ideas. I tend to keep any gossip urging between my husband and I.

362. Do you believe that spell casting can work? yes, if you open yourself to the wrong powers, but it's not a can of worms you want to open.

363. Are you a fan of The Legend of Zelda games? absolutely :)

364. What old movie would you go see if it were re-released in the movie theaters? I'm not sure I'd pay to see any movie I can rent or buy and watch on my widescreen TV at home.

365. Is there a celebrity that you would be too starstruck to talk to if you met them? any celebrity! I'm shy enough talking to normal people. I would have no idea what to say to a celebrity face to face.

366. Have you ever left a mean unsigned note? no

367. Do you think it's cheesy to paste things you didn't write into your diary? If I claim it as my own, yes. If it means something to me, and I show that importance, then no it's not cheesy. It's showing another side of myself. And sometimes a quote or lyrics will express my feelings better than I can at the time.

368. What are three things that you try not to think about? I'm avoiding thinking about them, thus do not want to post them here. Thinking about them long enough to pinpoint them would give them power.

369. Is casual sex acceptable for you? no. it's not worth it

370. What form of sexual protection do you use? pill

371. What is expected of you that you feel is unnatural or not right? shaved legs. who started that, anyway?

372. Do you sometimes place your own expectations on other people? yes. don't we all, sometimes unknowingly?

373. Do you sometimes act overeager to make friends when you are around strangers? no

374. Do you take everything that is said literally? no, but sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic or teasing or if they really believe what they are saying.

375. Do you take most things others say seriously? probably too seriously. I am a sensitive soul.

376. Do you have a quick wit? absolutely not. my husband is the one with the wit.

377. Do you believe in the need for political correctness? I think the idea got taken way overboard by some people. Some PC is good, as in Native American vs Indian (as true Indians are from India), but saying that 'brainstorm' is offensive to those with epilepsy or other brain disorders, and 'thought-shower' is more politically correct??? How can the term for a group coming up with ideas be offensive to anyone? Shouldn't the "affected parties" be ones to decide if something is offensive, rather than a board of people who can't brainstorm a better term than thought shower? Besides, thought shower just sounds so... weak; whereas brainstorm sounds like ideas are storming and coming together, much more productive! I think imagery and metaphor are fine replacements for political correctness as long as no one is offended and the labeling is not based on assumptions (see Indian issue above). I also believe it's messed up that some terms a group will use for themselves are suddenly offensive if used by anyone outside that group. As to PC in general, it's not all needed - language needs shorthand. That's why we have slang, imagery, metaphor, and not fully correct terms. Wow, long answer. Moving on.

378. Do you have strong opinions and beliefs? about select issues

379. If yes, can you still hang out with and be friends with people who disagree with you? absolutely. just don't use the term 'thought shower' around me. ;-)

380. Are you uptight? no

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