Friday, January 25, 2008

B&N and Babysitting

I found out this afternoon that I won't be babysitting at all next week - a relative of P's mom had a stroke, so she's taking the week off work. The time off will be a good thing. B and P haven't been getting along very much lately. Lots of crankiness and fighting. I think B is tired of having P around. I have been babysitting him for over a year...  The thing about multiple kids around... yes, they have someone to play with, but all too often you can replace the word 'play' with 'fight'.


On a brighter note, we finally went to Barnes and Noble to use the gift card P's mom gave us for Christmas. We didn't get B a book as initially planned, considering the way he's been treating books. So, my husband picked out two books, I picked two, and we found a book of 100 horror stories in the bargain section to fill out our quota.


The first book I chose was "Rebel Fay" by Barb & J.C. Hendee. It's book five in the Noble Dead Saga. I already had the first four in paperback and was just waiting for this one to come out in paperback as well (the main reason we hadn't used our card).


The second book I got was "Scar Night" by Alan Campbell. I interviewed him last year, not long after the book came out. I've been very interested in reading it, but hadn't had the chance to pick it up. And now it's out in paperback. Yay. :-)


  1. Let me know what the fifth book is like (although, come to think of it, did I read the fourth yet?)

  2. I seem to recall lending you the fourth one - Traitor's Blood, where they go into Leesil's past.