Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking for Health Recommendations

I've been going to America's Best for my contacts and glasses for many years now. Recently my plan expired again and I am not renewing it. They may have good prices, but I have not been happy with their service. Long wait times, lost paperwork, misinformed over the phone about whether I need an appointment, etc. Almost every time I went in there was some sort of problem. Does anyone know a good eye doctor in the Salt Lake Valley?


I'm also looking for recommendations of heartburn medicine. I've had Tums Extra Strength since my pregnancy four years ago. Other than that time period I very rarely had heartburn. But this past year something in my body must have changed (certainly not my diet or activity) and I have it on average once a week. It's miserable. And Tums is no longer doing the trick, or takes a long time to kick in.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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