Friday, January 18, 2008


Back in July I posted the ending lines for the first ten chapters of Emergence of the Fey. This time I thought it would be interesting to compile the opening lines. All still subject to change, of course, as I'm not to the final line-by-line polishing. It may be interesting to someday look back at this and compare to the final version. As predicted, the openings have a lot more character names than the endings.


  1. Marian sat on the edge of the shared bed while Terra tugged a brush through her tangled blonde locks, only half listening as the older girl rambled on about the tinker, Kerr.
  2. One house rested apart from the others, in the shadow of Mount Monderay.
  3. The water rushed down the mountainside to create a serene pool, almost forty feet in diameter, before converging to form the Ah'Hona river.
  4. Marian stood at the base of the mountain looking to the small village ahead, the moonlight painting each wooden structure in pale light.
  5. Jex leaned out from behind a tree, staring intently at the herbalist's house.
  6. Marian tossed and turned all night.
  7. Cail showed up early, interrupting Marian's breakfast of hotcakes and plums.
  8. Upon his arrival in Valadilene, Jex called on Zalandar in his chamber.
  9. Marian snapped her head up as the bedroom door flew open, letting the ribbon she had been twisting with the air drop to the floor.
  10. The following night, Marian sat at her campfire.
  11. Under the light of Storm Moon, Marian snuck out to the plateau.
  12. They set the fourteenth of Death Moon as the target date for the ritual.
  13. Brianne distracted Vis while Kerr loaded the tinker wagon with supplies.
  14. Jex and Kerr spent time each evening on the road going over maps and formulating their plan.
  15. Marian didn't sleep well knowing Isaida swam in the sea with Leviathan.
  16. Marian rowed back to the ship in the boat Lamaric, Dusty, and Isaida just vacated, the identical serpent daggers tied to her waist.
  17. The four day return flight to Eleuteria's Isle was mostly a blur, but for small moments that embedded themselves in Marian's memory.
  18. Eleuteria had Jex in a thrall.
  19. Jex walked Marian to the conference room.
  20. Marian repeated his words over and over to herself as he helped her up the stairs and out into the night air.
  21. When Birth Moon came around again, the small community of Monderay gathered in their town hall.

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