Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tally and First Pages

Status of my novel

  1. first draft
  2. read and revise for plot
  3. read and revise for continuity
  4. read and edit for grammar
  5. polish prose to prettiness
  6. write query and synopsis
  7. query agents

total words to date: 89,931

pages: 395

chapters revised: 17/21 (draft 3)

Previous goals:

  • revise 7 more chapters for EotF - almost done with this draft  
  • goal letter to self - on my to do list for today
  • critique at least one chapter - done 

Goals for next week:

  • finish draft 3 of EotF
  • find new progress meter or update code manually (site has been "exceeded bandwidth" for over a week now) 
  • one chapter critique
  • make arrangements to go to LTUE conf. Feb. 15, if at all possible to do so 


My opening is challenged. I've been told by a couple people that they can't connect to Marian, and there's an overload of information at once. So, I decided to take a couple suggestions from one critiquer - start with Jex's scenes, then rewrite Marian's introductory scene completely. This is a situation where I do need to cut and start over. Revising it so many times has killed any sort of life it once had. On the plus side, this does put the first chapter more into chronological order, so less room for confusion there. I have entered my new first page into The Surprisingly Essential First Page Challenge. Wish me luck.

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