Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: A Year in Review

Here are some highlights from last year.


January: 5th wedding anniversary. first paid article (topic: blogging. site: Associated Content). created The Realm of Dashevona forums. Dear Me letter detailing goals for year.


February: B ahead of others in sensory class (more social and interested in communicating), we pulled him out to wait for preschool. entered poetry contest, didn't place.


March: B turned three and started preschool, plus first time on bus (loved it from day one). finished writing short story The Blazing Princess. took and aced Psychology 101 Final Exam. TMNT came out! considered buying a hatch-back Yaris, but decided saving money for a house was more important than a new car. discovered the restaurant Chili's. wrote first entry on this blog.


April: first ever Tuesday Tally. phone died, had to buy a new one. entered hook writing contest. Drive canceled :(. bought a Wii.


May: won a free book. B's daily naps went to every couple days. Lloyd Alexander passed away. :-(


June: dropped out of ECE classes, as requirements for course were too overwhelming. started 100 day writing challenge. won a chapter critique from Manuscript Mavens. finished writing short story Mirror. entered Blazing Princess in Writers of the Future contest. preschool ended for summer.


July: sent out three batches of poetry. had to replace DVD-drive in my computer. reached halfway point in EotF. 


August: started monetary vacation fund incentive for exercising.


September: Blazing Princess quarter-finaled in Writers of the Future contest. preschool started again for B. replaced drive again. got cool gamer's keyboard.  started using Windows Live Writer. Madeleine L'Engle and Robert Jordan died. :-( . completed 100 day challenge. creation of Ubduk. submitted Blazing Princess to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.


October: started mailing list for EotF website. Liz finished her novel. experienced spectacular service at Outback Steakhouse. signed up for 70 Days Sweat. wrote first paragraph of Trinity Coven. got tagged on WDC for 8 random facts about me.


November: WGA started their strike. spent two weeks focusing on gratitude. bought wide-screen HDTV. finished my novel!


December: created a poetry flipbook. dropped out of 70 Days Sweat to focus instead on editing. got rejection for Blazing Princess. bought Rock Band. saw Celine Dion on the big screen. more computer problems, this time with software. my sister Liz got engaged!


I'm very happy with my writing progress last year. My major goal was to finish my novel, which I did. My exercising was sporadic, but still much more than the year before. Hopefully this will be another good year.

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  1. Awesome year in review. Don't fret about the first rejection for your book. Anne Perry got about 21 rejections didn't she?