Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mister Independent

B is still liking to help with cooking and household stuff, but now I have to keep a close eye on him. Instead of simply following directions, he takes a more proactive approach.


Take making muffins for example. I get out the box, B has it opened and scissors out of the drawer before I get out a mixing bowl. I intercede with the scissors, and he pours in the mix. I get out the rest of the ingredients - milk, vegetable oil, and eggs. While I am measuring the milk, B removes the cap from the oil and I intercede just before he pours who knows how much into the bowl. I let B pour in the milk, then measure the oil while he wipes some of the milk off the table. I open the egg carton. I crack one egg, and B starts hitting another against the table, luckily not fully breaking it before I take it from him. (Also thankfully uses two eggs, not one, in the recipe.) B did a good job mixing it up.  To prevent him from attempting to pour the results in the muffin cups, I let him lick the spoon while I finished up.


Also to keep a close eye on - B's desire to cut his own slice of cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich. Some things are not compromise-able. And I think he hurt his fingers taking my toast out of the toaster this morning... Few things are still out of his reach.


  1. Oh, B. :) At least he's still eager to help!

  2. My grandson is four, going on interspatial infinity at times. He loves to help my wife make pancakes in the morning. Of the chocolate chip persuasion, I might add. And neatness is not as important as being a part of the process. Yep, I have heard this sorry story before.

    B's a four-year-old, alright. :)