Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Name

I'm leaning toward Anton as a new name for Adolf (from Trinity Coven). My husband is right. As much as I like the name Adolf, it has too much baggage. The Heidrich brothers were all going to have animal meaning names, but I've had to stray from that to keep to their alphabetical naming. Ah well. Better to get used to a name change while in the early stages, then mid-book or in rewrites.


  1. I REALLY like the name Anton, good choice!

  2. I agree -- Adolf is still a very "charged" name. Too distracting for the story. Good call.

  3. You're right--it's definitely easier/better to change names early on. For one thing, you are less likely to slip up and say or use the wrong (earlier) name. Anton's a good choice.