Saturday, May 10, 2008

B - the new gamer

Lately we've been expanding B's options for educational gaming. He's had access to for a while, but he was doing so well with the mouse that we've gotten him some games of his own. We had Teddy Factory on the old system, but haven't installed on this one. That one was more of a "Mommy play, B watch" game anyway. He enjoys (and is very good at) playing the Purble Place games that came with Vista. We bought him Sky Heroes to the Rescue - a computer game with letters, nature, and other educational activities. And most recently we bought him his first console video game - Cosmic Family. He was hyper excited to hold the Wii remote for the first time (he's always enjoyed watching Mommy and Daddy play games and mimics our motions). Learning to control the remote and hold it while pressing the button has been a challenge for him, but he's getting the hang of it; good for his motor skills.


Initially introducing him to games was frustrating - that's all he wanted to do! He'd try and sit in my computer chair if I moved, would point to the browser (he knows exactly what I do to go to Starfall) or his new star-icon folder with his name just for his games. But after a couple times of introducing a one hour timer for his gaming, he's been great at closing everything when it goes off. No more pestering me if he's already had his session for the day. The other rule we have is no video games on school days (Monday and Wednesday), as he does so many educational activities there, and I know they even have a computer for the class (don't know if they use it; must remember to ask).


Do you know of any other good video games for a four year old? We're just a gaming family. :-)

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